Teglio is a picturesque town in the heart of the Valtellina, immersed in greenery and perched on a large sun-drenched terrace at an altitude of 900 m. In a panoramic position overlooking the valley to which it has given its name (Vallis Tellina), Teglio has been able to conserve and showcase its historical and artistic heritage and its rural identity. Its narrow streets and alleys, its old world atmosphere, the wellbeing that is expressed in the wealth of tastes and perfumes of the local tradition of food and wine, all welcome visitors in every season. Art, culture and nature coexist harmoniously here.
Rocks reveal traces from the Copper Age, towers and medieval churches, elegant Renaissance buildings, all embellish the natural landscape. An unspoiled environment abounding in woods, flora and fauna, where you can play sports or simply breathe the light air in a gentle, dry climate. Teglio and its territory are an experience for all the senses!